Hey there!


I’m Quentin Quokka (here I am in my Astronaut gear!).

cartoon illustration of a quokka dressed as an astronaut

Did you know us Quokkas are around the same size as a cat, but we get around by hopping like kangaroos? You’ll find us on a beautiful island called Rottnest Island in Western Australia!

Goldie the gouldian finch bird flying

And hello - I’m Goldie the Gouldian Finch!

Some call me a rainbow finch because of my kaleidoscopic colours. I’m an Australian bird and you can find me in the North of Australia along the coast! 

Once upon a time...

Quentin the Quokka and Goldie the Gouldian Finch dreamt about taking an adventure together.

They dreamt up colourful, magical adventures! They were really curious about exploring space, but not just any old boring galaxy!  

So they popped on their astronaut gear, hopped into a rocket….

cartoon animals flying in a rocket

And arrived in ‘Sprinkle Galaxy’! This magical galaxy’s twinkling stars are delicious balls of sugar, shooting stars are replaced by shooting butterballs, and clouds are big, fluffy pillows of fairy bread! 

cartoon depiction of sprinkles and fairy bread and animals in a galaxy


We hope you enjoyed this tour and story of Sprinkle Galaxy! See you