I don’t know about you, but when I think of the cold weather, heavy rain, howling winds and not to mention other wonderful gems that winter brings, such as heavy storms, it doesn’t exactly sound appealing (or easy) going on an outing with bub. However, sometimes it can’t be avoided and we can’t always be at home singing kumbaya in front of a crackling fire sipping hot tea. As winter approaches, you’ll want to make sure bub is protected from the cold without causing them to overheat from too many layers. Knowing how to keep baby warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months, whether spending time at home or running errands, is key, but it can also feel overwhelming. If you're looking for tips on how to dress baby in winter in Australia to keep them warm, cozy and comfy, just keep reading! 

How to dress baby in winter outside

Going outside in the elements with bub and wondering how to dress baby for a winter walk or outside adventure? See our top tips below:

  1. The best rule of thumb to remember is that infants require one additional layer of clothing that you're wearing. So, if you're comfortable in a t-shirt and jumper, try adding a bodysuit underneath your little one's attire. Try our long sleeve winter romper which is perfect in the cooler winter months under a nice warm jacket. 
  2. Add accessories like hats, gloves and jackets. Babies lose a significant amount of heat through their heads, so ensuring you always add a cosy hat when planning your baby's outfit will help keep them warm and comfortable. The same goes for exposed fingers and toes; if you’re going to be exposed to long periods of cold weather (for example at an outdoor sporting event), always be sure to cover their extremities with gloves, socks, or a jacket to help reduce body heat loss. During extremely cold days, a heavy jacket is an excellent option and can be worn over their outfit as an added layer against the cold.
  3. Keep back-up blanket on-hand in the nappy bag. Blankets are an easy way to keep your baby warm and can be stuffed inside the nappy bag or used while in the pram or carrier. Keeping a small but warm blanket in your nappy bag (which I personally always keep mine in the car, and after every trip I do a quick stock count) ensures that you’ll always have it on hand if needed. 

How to dress baby in winter outside

How to dress baby in winter in their car seat

It’s extremely important to NEVER buckle your baby in their carseat with their jacket on. For proper protection against accidents, never place your baby in the car seat in a jacket. During a collision, jackets compress, causing the safety belts to become too loose, which could result in your baby being expelled from the seat. So, in this case just ensure they have on clothing that keeps their legs, arms and feet warm. You can also tuck a small blanket over the top of their belt.


When dressing your baby to leave the house, start with one extra layer of clothing than you’re wearing. Depending on the temperature, you can add jacket or raincoat. Always have a hat, gloves, warm socks/shoes, and blankets on hand for additional warmth. And to stay safe, remember to remove any jackets when buckling baby into their car seat. 


How to dress your toddler for winter inside the house

When choosing winter clothes for your baby or toddler to wear around the house, select options based on the average temperature inside your home. If you prefer to keep it warmer, you can dress your baby cooler in short sleeves and light pants. If you prefer the temperature to stay lower, adding long sleeves and a hat is helpful. Even indoors, be sure to keep socks on your baby to keep their little feet warm and a hat to protect their head (tip: if they’re walking, make sure their socks include the little grippy bits under the socks, or pop a pair of shoes on them so they don’t slip). Cozy blankets can help ensure comfort but avoid putting your baby to sleep with them to avoid hazards. 

How to dress baby in winter for sleep

Look, we won’t reinvent the wheel here. The experts in baby sleep are Love to Dream, and they have a really comprehensive guide to how to dress your baby for bed. The below chart is an illustration of what your baby should wear according to the temperature of the room. TOG is simply a way for them to measure the warmth of a garment. They explain more about how to dress baby in winter for sleep in their blog here. 

 how to dress baby in winter australia sleep


Choosing the right winter clothing for baby doesn't have to be confusing or complicated. Using our simple tips above, you can ensure your baby stays warm throughout the season.